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Thank you to everyone who made the 17th Annual Noongam Traditional Powwow June 2014 such a success.  Everyone had a great time, we thank you all.

We offer our heartfelt thanks to all.  Thanks folks.

Meegwetch/Thank you to the following drum groups who made the Traditional Powwow a success by supporting and sharing the many songs that lifted the spirit of the Community and memories.

Meegwetch/Thank you to all the Dancers the incredible energy of many dances and stories.  What a special treat!
Meegwetch/Thank you to all Veterans, we honour and remember all of our veterans today through song, music and dance. We thank you for allowing us to share this part of your journey.
Meegwetch/Thank you to all Vendors, keeping with the tradition who have assembled an assortment of arts, crafts and traditional food, join us in thanking these vendors who joined to make the traditional powwow a memorable event.
Meegwetch/Thank you to all volunteers and individuals who donated their time, energy, talents, kindness and generosity in making this powwow a happy and successful.
Meegwetch/Thank you and appreciation is expressed to these fine business supporters for their contributions to the powwow, but also time and energy.
Meegwetch/Thank You and tremendous support to the people who donated food towards the powwow and Feast
Meegwetch/Thank you to all the visitors who attended the Powwow, you're like a large extended family. Thank you for being a vital part of the powwow. We would not have this chance to bask in the glow.
Meegwetch/Thank You to the People who donated giveaway gifts for our giveaway ceremony and it is reflected in the wonderful support of showing a big heart.
Meegwetch/Thank you to the Elder for her support, guidance and humour.

Meegwetch/Thank you to everyone for allowing us to learn the teaching of Sharing.

The crowds were incredible!