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A big Hello and Welcome, On June 19 - 21, 2015, Noongam Traditional Powwow will host the 18h Annual Noongam Traditional Powwow . We need many people from the community to help out, the event will take place at Dow's Lake.

The continued success of Noongam Traditional Powwow is dependent upon the involvement of volunteers. To find out how you can put your talents, time and energy , please call us. Thank you for your help, kindness and generosity.

Set Up - 20 Volunteers are needed for June 15 - 18 during the week before the powwow to set up and complete all preparations for the powwow and a cook to prepare lunch for the volunteers.

Clean up - 20 Volunteers are needed for June 22 - 26 after the powwow to dismantle the powwow grounds and a cook to prepare lunch for the volunteers.
Thanks for agreeing to help the Noongam Traditional Powwow 20145 your help is essential and deeply appreciated and Meegwetch for the memories.


Planning Meetings

We need volunteers to assist our planning for the June 2014, 17th annual Noongam Traditional Powwow.

Due to the closing of our normal meeting place, we are currently looking for new space to meet. We will keep you posted,this will not affect the schedule of the powwow. Please e-mail ahead of time should you wish to participate in the meetings which will resume in April. 

for more information e-mail us at


We need help during the powwow

Volunteer Areas

set up
kitchen help
trash pick up
tear down
food service
grounds crew
water crew
Truck driver

we also need a person with carpentry experience